First we cut your electrical-bill in half, then you join free electricity.


Who do they think i am!

I'm not that stupid!


How much will solar energy SAVE?

This question is by far the single most commonly asked question when Solar Power (Photo Voltaic) is discussed. Not a problem.

Thanks to innovations in financing, manufacturing and technology, it's now easier and more affordable to go solar. No matter which option you decide is best for you, the result will be the same:
  - clean energy for your home and enviroment
  - more money in your pocket for the things you really care about.
When you plan to get your own system, think NOT of how much it will cost. Think about how much your present electric bill will be reduced to ZERO DOLLARS/PESOS every month.

Consider the following:

-     Your amortization/installment for financing your solar installation on a 4-year term will amount to LESS than what you pay for your current monthly electric bill.
Example : If you are paying P2,000 pesos a month on your electricity, your loan repayment will be a LOT less than that per month. This is money in your pocket (better not tell your wife).

-     Solar PV Systems last from 25 years up to 40 years and still produce 90 percent of power. If you pay off your loan in 4 years, or less: Your electricity is FREE for the next 21-36 years!!

-     Look at your electric bills and find “Demand Charge”. These are transmission charges that consist of at least 20-30 percent of your total bill. When you generate your own electricity with Solar,  you no longer pay for transmission fees, taxes on transmission fees and other charges related to TRANSMISSION. You generate your own and you use no transmission lines.

-     With your own Solar Power Installation, you are considered to own a Distributed Power Generation system. This simply means you generate on the spot.

LONG TERM BENEFIT for Distributed Power Generation: When the typhoon comes and wipes out the national grid, as long as your system does not get blown off by the storm, you start generating as soon as the sun shines or use the batteries!!!
(In your package can be included a typhoon-insurance for the solar-panels too).

If you and your community/neighbors get together and create your own LOCAL Distributed Power Generation system by setting up several Solar (PV) Systems, you might have enough generation to sell electricity to other neighbors! You continue to build your own grid which will grow to become a micro grid. Your Energy-Supplier will hate you and your entrepreneur partners but.... who cares ! You want to take that profit for yourself and there is nothing wrong with that at all!!!

So... think not about your cost when you start with your first system! Think you are building your own business! This is why our Services are an Investment in a Nutshell !

If you have any questions on becoming a non-employee consultant (paid on Commission), want your own solar power for your home, business or want to be bold and create your own power for sale, just contact us at or .


To qualify for the 100% Financing, we can allso start 'carrying the paper' for Pag-Ibig solar panel loan.

Try use our Computatuion to get an idea on what you can start moving!

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Pag-Ibig offers solar panel loan
Good news for those who want to install solar panels in their houses. You can now borrow loans for the installation in Pag-Ibig fund.

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