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 About B&W


Ŧounded in March 2009 we are the first  association under Philippine and German management who build windgenerators in Cebu.


Our service types: consulting, design, installation, engineering, project development services, recognition of place and assessment services, contractor services, maintenance and repair services


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Ŵe produce Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) based on the popular Lenz II design which is the brain storm of Ed Lenz. Ed has spend many years in the design and development of this shape, including extensive wind tunnel testing with an open and generous willingness to share his work.


We are very appreciative of his pioneering accomplishments and we are glad to offer this product with his consent.


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 Latest News     By Antonio V. Osmeña


Ťhere is an urgent need to develop and carry out a carefully integrated set of short-, intermediate- and long-term energy plans over the next 50 years for the inhabitants of Cebu.

These plans will allow the replacement of dwindling supplies of crude oil and, perhaps, natural gas with a new mix of affordable and environmentally acceptable energy sources.

Affordable supplies of crude oil and possibly natural gas will probably begin running out between 2020 and 2060. During this period, the world will face massive economic disruption, unless it has significantly improved the efficiency of use of primary energy resources and shifted to a mix of affordable and environmentally acceptable energy resources.   read more